Priestesses of the Godless Month
Episode Information
Kanji 神無月の巫女
Rōmanji Kannazuki no Miko
Air date December 18, 2004
Opening Re-sublimity
Ending Agony
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Priestesses of the Godless Month (final) is the twelfth and also the last episode of the Kannazuki no Miko series. It first aired on December 18, 2004.


After Himeko strikes Chikane's chest with her sword, they share a tender moment which ultimately reveals the unpleasant past the two Priestesses have shared in their past lives and how Chikane only pretended to want to kill her as to pay the cost this time around. The Orochi are finally defeated and everything goes back to normal, but at a price the two Priestesses were not ready to accept. At the end of the credits, a special ending is revealed which shows Himeko and Chikane being reunited.