Name Nekoko
Kanji ネココ
Romanji Nekoko
Age 9+
Hair colour Pale
Eyes Colour Blue
Personal Statistics
Sort Orochi
Status Purified
Relatives Unknown
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut
Seiyu Ai Nonaka (Japanese)

Sandy Fox (English)

Nekoko is The Sixth Neck (六の首Roku no kubi?).


Nekoko is a small, squeaky-voiced catgirl who is often seen wearing a nurse's outfit and wielding a giant syringe. She has blue eyes, short pale hair and roses cheeks. Her nurse outfit consists in pale pink shoes, white stockings, pink dress and white cap.


She appears to fit the stereotypical, cheerful catgirl archetype, but it is later revealed that she was the subject and victim of horrible medical experiments, which is most likely what made her an Orochi follower. Nekoko's syringe contains some form of medication that can heal injuries and sickness, but the injection causes horrible pain, as noted by Girochi .


She made her debut in episode 1 when the Orochi arrives. In episode 3 she attacks the miko and it's about to kill them but Soma arrives just in time to save them. Nekoko had a fight with Soma but was defeated. Also, before this, she cure Girochi's wounds from his previous fight with Soma. Nekoko is usually seen in every episode talking with the necks. In episode 7 she attacks again the miko along with Reiko , Girochi and Corona but they all are defeated by Soma . Later, when Chikane became an orochi, she is killed by her.But,she is somehow alive at the end of episode 12.


Alternatively, Nekoko can launch the syringe like a rocket, carrying the same kind of kinetic charge displayed by Tsubasa 's knives, Corona's lipsticks and Reiko's fountain pens. Her mech, Izuhara no Tamazuchi, nicknamed Meow Meow (Nya Nya), is a large mechanical ball with many cannons on it that is capable of destroying buildings easily. Chillingly, Nekoko went on a rampage that wound up destroying several Japanese landmarks, acting the whole time like a stereotypical cute little girl having fun.


  • There is some indication that she carries the mark of Orochi on her bottom.
  • Her first name means "cat child".


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