The great villain of the series is Yamata no Orochi, an evil god who wishes to destroy the world of humanity and

Yamata no Orochi in japanese mithology

create its own realm, a place of darkness and nihilism. Like its counterpart from Japanese mythology, the Orochi of Kannazuki no Miko has eight 'necks', its eight worshipers and followers, who are also called Orochi ( snake ) by association. Each of them possesses a mecha, which is both an 'other self' for the Orochi members and an embodiment of a lesser god (which rise time and again from the ashes of destruction), which forms part of the evil deity Orochi's body. Each individual follower has exaggerated personal characteristics; there is some indication that the evil deity granted its followers great physical strength and endurance, a limited capacity for teleportation and levitation, as well as a unique power or weapon to suit their individual character. A follower who has the willpower to repress the wellspring of rage that rises in their minds when Orochi claims them can use the powers they have gained against Orochi. The evil deity, unfortunately, administers a dire punishment to those who resist it. Orochi chooses its followers from those who have experienced great pain in their lives and have given in to despair. Each of the seven Orochi fit easily into archetypes, consisting of a sociopathic criminal, an unintelligent brute, a former Japanese idol, an anti-social manga artist, a catgirl, a seemingly betrayed friend, and a disillusioned nun. They are extremely discordant with each other and do not coordinate attacks on the miko until the middle of the series.

Fortezza GundamEdit

Orochi Seal

Orochi Imprisonment

Fortezza Gundam was an Evil 8 Headed, 2 Wheeled and 8 Tailed Dragon sealed away by Susanoo Uzumaki. The Legendary Beast has 8 Heads and 8 Tails, It's length was extended over 8 valleys and 8 hills, It's Body has coverings of Moss, Super Gundanium Alloy Armor and Shrubbering place of fur and on each of it's heads was 2 penatrating burning eyes of winter cherry. Fortezza Orochi was translated to 8 Headed Gundam Snake and 8 Forked Serpent Gundam.


The Great Tailed Beast was based on the same name, the Eight Headed Dragon who grows Fat by eating women in the Izumo Province. Susano brewed Eight Sake and Builted Walls Tied to Each Gate. Orochi got Drunk and Susanoo was sealed it within a Jinjuriki named Paul Gekko. Like his Counterpart, The Orochi has the Car-Structure like Body like a Mountain and it's Tails are Bushier like Ten Tails' Bushy Tails. The Orochi has Eight Heads and has Necks the size of Tree Trunks.

The Eight "Necks"Edit

Number Name Mecha
1. Tsubasa Take no Yasukunazuchi
2. Sister Miyako Yatsu no Onokoshizuchi
3. Girochi Hi no Ashinazuchi


Ooube no Senazuchi
5. Reiko Ota Ho no Shuraizuchi
6. Nekoko Izuhara no Tamazuchi
7. Soma Ogami Take no Yamikazuchi
8. Chikane Himemiya Take no Yamikazuchi