Name Yukihito
Kanji ユキヒト
Romanji Yukihito
Age 16
Hair colour Dark Ochre
Eyes Colour Dark Blue
Personal Statistics
Sort Human


Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyu Omi Minami (Japanese)

David Keifer (English)

Yukihito is the temple assistant and also Soma 's best friend and confidant.


Yukihito is a tall young boy with dark ochre hair and dark blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.


Yukihito seems to be a mature and serious boy.


He made his debut in episode 1 when Soma is possessed by the Orochi and dissapears. Later, in episode 2 , Yukihito took care of Soma when he was unconcious. He was the one to tell Himeko and Chikane that Kazuki wanted to talk with them. Also, Yukihito took care of Himeko while she was unconcious. In episode 3 he is seen assisting at Soma's training. Also, he is the only one to see the Orochi's effect on Soma. Kazuki and Yukihito found out Soma who has badly injuried after his fight with Chikane. In the end of the series he is seen standing in a tree and singing.


  • His first name, Yukihito, mean snow's man.
  • His seiyu is a girl who also voiced Euphemia Li Britannia from the anime series Code Geass.


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